Why This Website?

Is no surprise that Cloud is taking over the world. Everyday there is a new Certification, new Cloud Provider, a new Cloud-related practice/methodology, a new Tool that will improve Cloud work, etc. It's an entire Ecosystem that only grows by the day.

This is a place that I designed to be my playground (sort of my own snowman ☃️), where I simply go and try concepts, tools, methods, etc, to stay current in the industry.

Best example is that I wanted to learn Bootstrap, and well, the website is(mostly) built using Bootstrap4 styling.

Note: Everything is hosted in the Cloud, and I'm sure you know cost ramps up, so, please don't do anything crazy that will send me an alert overnight 😱

In the Projects section I will try to build POCs to practice a specific concept, tool, methodology, etc.
Certifications! Who isn't required to pass a cert or wants to add a cool badge to their signature? My goal here is to breakdown some principles, methodologies, tools, etc., that I find interesting in a given certification whitepaper, or key objective, and apply them directly onto this website with documentation.
Being an avid programming enthusiast, I always wonder about which programming language to pick and explore. I love the fights among programmers about "most performant!", "best!", "easiest", "best for x/y!" . These kind of tags and nerd-opinionated fights are something I find amusing and I'd like to explore and experiment with them to see what happens and forge my own opinion just for fun. An added benefit of the experiment is to pick up a new programming language that might be needed/popular in the industry.
This section is yet another POC. It's hard to market ourselves sometimes in order to gain more visibility and differentiate ourselves from other people for potential job offers. In this section, I'll explore ways in which we can create fancy dashboards/game/animation/${youNameIt} to present yourself, share your learning story, and show the world that you rock.

I want this website to be a source of content to remind myself about these tools, content, principles and pocs because let's face it, in our day-to-day work we might be doing something completely different than the cert, training, or new career challenge that we want to explore and it can be hard to remember all of it.

The list of things I work on are of my own interest and I try to align as much as I can with the Cloud industry trends. However, if you landed on this page, liked it, and feel there is a topic I should cover, any recommendations on the content/website, or maybe want to explore together the next ${billionDollarApp}, hit me up down here.

Let me know!